Now outward-focused, carriers have small shippers in sights

The Port of Oakland. Photo credit: There is virtually no evidence that the container market is any less competitive, but emerging from a period of unprecedented consolidation, some carriers are beginning to act strategically in their future plans — this for the first time in years. Recent announcements from container… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Choose space over price in 2018, air cargo shippers warned

A UPS air cargo flight. Photo credit: Shutterstock. LONG BEACH, California — Book air freight cargo early and prioritize space over price is the advice from forwarders as the robust demand experienced for much of last year continues into 2018.Data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) shows that global air freight… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

FMC to investigate ‘unfair’ detention-demurrage claims

A truck at a port. (Photo credit: Shutterstock.) The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) unanimously voted to investigate claims made by a coalition of beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), freight forwarders, and trucking companies that some detention, demurrage, and per diem fees are unfair because their ability to receive cargo and return equipment are… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

São Paulo finds officers at fault for boxes lost overboard

The Port of Santos, Brazil. (Photo credit: Shutterstock.) Ship officers aboard the Log-In Pantanal were at fault for the August 11 accident in Brazil’s Port of Santos’ entrance channel, which caused 46 containers to slide into the harbor during a storm, according to the Santos and São Paulo Harbor Authority (CPSP),… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Hapag-LLoyd joins CargoSphere’s digital rate-processing system

  A Hapag-Lloyd container ship. (Photo credit: Shutterstock. Cargosphere has signed up Hapag-Lloyd as the first carrier to use the technology company’s rate-processing platform, which enables the carrier to translate contract rates and conditions onto real-time prices on its routes around the globe. The platform, called Smart Upload and Diagnostics Solution (eSuds), enables… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Lawmakers urge US Army Corps to fund Charleston dredging

The Port of Charleston. (Photo credit: Shutterstock.) South Carolina’s congressional delegation has written the US Army Corps of Engineers urging the Corps to fund the $ 558 million Charleston Harbor Deepening Project to dredge the inner channel to 52 feet and outer channel to 54 feet. In the March 1 letter, the nine… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

DB Schenker CEO: Forwarders under threat from game-changing tech

LONG BEACH, California — The traditional freght forwarding model is being upended by fast developing supply chain technology, with forwarders, online startups and even carriers in a race to develop integrated end-to-end… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

California’s zero emissions effort will hurt terminals, trade, jobs

Does California want international trade, or is the state pursuing a policy to drive cargo and jobs away? That is a question marine terminal operators and ocean carriers are asking with increased regularity. I am sure other players in California’s supply chain are having similar conversations. With the world’s most-stringent environmental regulations,… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Trans-Pac capacity injection to outpace growth forecast

More carrier capacity will challenge carriers’ attempts to charge more during 2017 to 2018 service contract negotiations. The Port of Los Angeles. (Port of Los Angeles.) Trans-Pacific importers should expect an injection of 8 to 9 percent of eastbound capacity, outpacing demand forecasts of about 5 to 6 percent, even as the… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

How to avoid confusion in freight payment

Q: I’ve read a few of your Q&As and wanted to see if you could help me obtain an answer to a scenario we’re currently in. We’re the shipper in this situation. The parties involved are: shipper (ourselves), Broker A, Trucker A, Trucker B, consignee. For this shipment, the consignee booked… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics