Western Canada delays raise peak capacity questions

As delays at the Port of Prince Rupert (above) show, the relevance of listed capacity fades during the August–November peak season. Photo credit: Shutterstock The disruptions that plagued shippers moving goods through western Canadian ports during last year’s trans-Pacific peak season, and that continue to trouble those using the port of… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Documentation vital to prove same-day commitment

Q: I’ll try to give you the facts as unvarnished as possible. Company A contacts a less-than-truckload (LTL) broker to transport a load from New Jersey to Cleveland, Ohio. Freight will be paid by Company A. For what it’s worth, the rate is $ 1,100 for next-day delivery. The consignee needs it… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

DP World expands containerized rail for faster transits

  Through its local rail arm, Container Rail Road Services, DP World introduced a block train (above) service for exports from Ludhiana. Photo credit: DP World India. DP World is ramping up its inland logistics offerings in India, as supply chain efficiency, combined with cargo visibility, is seen as a critical growth… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

ELDs driving up US short-haul trucking costs

As the electronic logging era begins, Echo Global Logistics warns shippers transit times are getting longer and costs are rising in shorter trucking lanes. Photo credit: Echo Global Logistics. The electronic logging era is less than two months old, but transportation intermediary Echo Global Logistics already sees shippers and trucking companies… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Europe infrastructure underinvestment hits shippers

Europe, a major theater in global trade, is nevertheless behind regarding an infrastructure to process it. Photo credit: Shutterstock. LONDON – Europe is a major player in global trade. It is home to three of the largest ocean carriers, the top trio of freight forwarders and logistics companies, and a clutch… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Higher bunker fuel prices driving up fuel surcharges

Prices of bunker fuel, which is used by container ships, often track the price trajectory of crude oil, but they lagged the increase in Brent since 2015. Photo credit: Shutterstock. Shippers are paying twice as much for bunker fuel than they were two years ago, and there are signs that they… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

US truckload spot rates slip, but remain high

Regarding truck rates,the downward trend shows that even in a period of increased demand, seasonality kicks in. Photo credit: Shutterstock. The US truckload spot market is finally cooling after a hot fourth quarter and warm January, with dry van, refrigerated and flatbed rates declining in the week that ended Feb. 3,… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Container blockchain developers attract new customers

Agility will participate in the Maersk-IBM blockchain solution. Photo credit: Agility. The search for a blockchain solution to manage container shipments gathered momentum this week with Agility becoming the first forwarder to work with Maersk and IBM on the technology, and shipper alliance Coopernic Group signing up with 300cubits.The forwarder and… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Artificial intelligence in global trade – HAL 9000 it is not (so far)

There is a science fiction tang to the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) that conjures up the positronic robots of Isaac Asimov, or the infamous Hal-9000 of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The real world quickly is catching up with science fiction. On Feb. 5, the South China Morning… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Ship upsizing challenges Australia’s ports

The Port of Melbourne. Photo credit: Shutterstock Container ships are getting too wide and too deep for Australian container ports, officials say. As the new post-Panamax vessels grow in size, those they replace are cascading on to the Australian trade.   “It’s a worldwide phenomenon,” Mike Gallacher, CEO of Ports Australia, told Fairplay, a… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics