Program to help Virginia attract Latin America reefer imports

Blueberries are one of fruits for which shippers regularly use the cold-treatment program. US importers of perishable goods from South America that require cold treatment before moving inland can now tap the Port of Virginia, a move set to further squeeze northeastern ports that handle cold cargo. The US Department of Agriculture… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Jones Act debate continues after Puerto Rico waiver ends

The Trump administration declined to renew a temporary waiver that allowed foreign-flag ships to sail from the US mainland to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and reignited a decades-old debate over the Jones Act. The Trump administration’s 10-day waiver expired Sunday, but not before heated arguments over whether it should have been issued,… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Exxon Mobil: Maritime industry unready for low-sulfur fuel rule

Sulfur emissions from ships have been linked to at least 60,000 deaths annually. An ExxonMobil survey of the maritime community found that 70 percent of respondents believe the industry is unprepared for the 2020 deadline for ships to burn low-sulfur fuel, reinforcing concerns surrounding the mandate. A full 53 percent of respondents… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Do cargo diversions still matter?

The US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) recently decided not to continue updating its annual report on the diversion of US cargo through Canadian and Mexican ports. Or rather, more accurately, the FMC did not decide anything — the annual report just died a natural death. First prepared in 2012, the report… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Near-term Disruptions, Long-term Trends Explored by Forest Products Industry Leaders

32nd RISI North American Conference program combines supply and demand-side perspectives Boston, October 9, 2017 (Press Release) – North America’s forest products markets face surprising challenges, from new US duties on Canadian lumber to uncertainty in China. Despite the noise of near-term disruptions, however, there are broader lessons to be drawn from… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Vancouver port considers tiered drayage appointment system

Photo credit: Vancouver Fraser Port Authority VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) is inching closer to creating a single portal for truck appointment systems while engaging in early talks with marine terminal operators about a possible tiered drayage system, a move that could help truck turns become… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

The thorniest NAFTA issue

With three rounds of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiation now in the books, negotiators are no closer to a successful completion of a revised agreement. While much of the media focus has been on a web of thorny issues such as labor standards and dispute mechanisms, what… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

US ports need more than $100 billion from investors

Consolidation in the shipping industry is complicating efforts to secure US port investments. LONG BEACH — Even with government help, US ports still need more than $ 100 billion over the next five years to handle growing volumes and bigger ships. Private-sector investors are willing to close the gap if returns are adequate… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

How to weather unpredictable disruptions in ocean shipping

Some issues in ocean shipping — such as the lack of space availability in the run-up to Chinese New Year — are so predictable, you can plan for them. There are other situations that are not so predictable, like weather events and carrier mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcies. Still, you can… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Snarled distribution networks hamper Puerto Rico relief

Hurricane Maria ravaged roads and bridges on Puerto Rico, forcing first responders to utilize inflatable rafts or climb mudslides to deliver aid. Two weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, logistical challenges continue to plague recovery efforts in the US commonwealth, even as aid streams toward the island. UPS said Thursday… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics