European ports hopeful about breakbulk despite geopolitics

After a mixed performance in 2017, Europe’s top breakbulk ports face a complicated 2018, despite above-trend European GDP growth, due to the threat posed by tariffs and reduced demand from the reinstatement of sanctions against Iran. (Above: Antwerp port.) Photo credit: Europe’s top breakbulk ports have had a mixed performance… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Proper documentation would clear up liability

Q: I kindly ask for your advice on my case, as I’m not clear if I’m responsible to pay for this shipment. The transportation company sent me an invoice because the consignee hasn’t paid them as it was supposed to.  The only document that we have for this transport is a… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Rockier than usual peak season ahead for US importers

Whether ships from Asia hit the sought-after utilization levels in the high 90s hinges on whether forecasts of 3 to 5 percent volume growth for the rest of the year are realized and the extent of carriers’ cancellation of services. (Above: The Port of Los Angeles.) Photo credit: US importers… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

India allows ports, terminals to charge $2 per container RFID fee

Above: Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT). Photo credit: JNPT. Real-time supply chain visibility has been a priority for shippers, but a mandatory radio-frequency identification (RFID) fee for container tracking may prove to be a burden for cost-conscious exporters/importers, battling intense competition. With the government setting a firm Sept. 30 deadline for all… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Brazil truckers, shippers/business groups disagree on freight rate table

Shippers and business groups argue the current truckers freight rate table is too generous and would increase both shipper costs and retail prices by double-digits. The truckers’ union wants a fair rate table and said it will strike again if it is not obtained. Photo credit: Although Brazil’s truckers have… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Panama Canal: Low-sulfur fuel rule will attract new services

Panal Canal officials expect the frequency of container ship transits to increase as ocean carriers seek to mitigate rising fuel costs driven by the International Maritime Organization low-sulfur emissions rule, taking effect in 2020. (Above: A container ship transits the Panama Canal.) Photo credit: Two years after the opening of… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Oil and water shape Panama Canal’s future

Two years after the opening of the $ 5.4 billion larger locks, the Panama Canal has racked up a series of wins, from attracting services from the Suez Canal to seeing carriers deploy larger ships sooner than expected. And Administrator Jorge Quijano expects to attract more services away from the Suez Canal as ocean carriers… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

DP World Djibouti terminal loss seen bad for US interests

Djibouti’s strategic location on the Gulf of Aden makes the area an important military outpost for several world powers. (Above: DP World Doraleh Terminal in Djibouti.) Photo credit: DP World. A US congressman said the ending of DP World’s concession to operate a container terminal in the east African country of… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Chances of federal ELD easing dim on latest petition rejection

A petition calling for a ‘small business’ exemption to the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate has failed, and that means the ELD era has become more entrenched. Photo credit: The electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is more entrenched and routes for opponents to overturn or delay the rule are narrower… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

ILA contract approval outlook brightens on NY-NJ local vote

The East Coast’s largest port, with the most complex negotiations, has reached an agreement. The ILA wants all such local agreements to be completed before the master contract that covers the ports on both coasts can be ratified. (Above: The Port of New York and New Jersey.) Photo credit: The… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy