Europe to Asia BCOs get 50-50 shot for flush 2018 capacity

HAMBURG — There is very little visibility on what the space allocation will be on vessels sailing from Europe to Asia in the first quarter of 2018, with Maersk Line putting 50:50 odds on shippers facing the same chronic space shortages they experienced during the first few months of 2017. Exports from… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Chittagong shippers in uproar over unending congestion

Shipper frustration with the port of Chittagong continues to mount. A long queue of vessels at Chittagong port’s outer anchorage and truck lines outside terminal gates are causing an uproar among port users. The delays are leading to shortages of raw materials for manufacturers in the country, while shippers must deal with… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Production decline leads to fears of reefer box shortage

The global fleet of refrigerated containers is not growing fast enough to keep up with demand. A shortfall in refrigerated container production has sparked fears that there could soon be a serious cold box shortage, speakers at JOC’s Container Trade Europe Conference in Hamburg said on Tuesday. Frank Ganse, global director of… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Direct ChassisLink, GT Nexus founder fund ClearMetal

ClearMetal uses advanced technology to help predict when and where assets will be needed. ClearMetal, the San Francisco-based start-up company seeking to put predictive logistics to work in the container shipping industry, has gained an additional $ 9 million in venture capital funds, some of it from chassis provider Direct ChassisLink Inc.,… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

Severe weather slows operations at JNPT

Terminal operators have had to slow operations to maintain safety in adverse weather at JNPT. Heavy rains and winds since Tuesday afternoon have impacted operations at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), and with more rain in the forecast, longer disruptions to shipping should be expected at India’s largest public harbor. Local shipping… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

US truck tonnage, shipper spending hit highs

Trucking volume and costs are on the rise. A strong surge in truck freight demand in the United States redefined the dog days of August and set US shippers on a route toward tighter capacity and higher prices this autumn. Truck volume as measured by the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA’s) For-Hire Truck Tonnage… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

China factory closures hit Russian importers

A Chinese environmental crackdown has imperiled the supply chains of some shippers. Massive factory closures in China from tighter state regulations have caused Russian imports from the country to plummet 15 to 17 percent, but Russian and Chinese shippers believe the situation will be short-lived. Russian imports from China since the end… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

FMC grants public hearing on detention-demurrage fees

Shippers have long agitated for changes to the current practices governing detention and demurrage fees. WASHINGTON — US federal maritime regulators have agreed to hold a public hearing on whether demurrage and detention fees can be considered unreasonable and therefore void. It has been nine months since a shipper coalition submitted a… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics

European heavy-haul transporters seek common truck rules

The harmonization of regulations that took place with the establishment of the European Union has yet to take place in trucking. LONDON — Trucking companies have renewed their campaign to harmonize the multitude of regulations for highway transport of oversize and overweight loads that raise costs for project shipments across the 28-nation… Journal of Commerce | Regulation & Policy

Cyber attack at TNT cost FedEx $300 million in recent quarter

FedEx is among the first transportation providers to report the impact of the global cyber attack that took place in June. A cyber attack on TNT Express this summer cost FedEx $ 300 million in the quarter that ended Aug. 31, combining with higher costs to pull down the carrier’s adjusted net… Journal of Commerce | International Logistics